Resilience and Hope

A good Biblical definition of the word hope is the assurance of something desirable in the future that is unseen or uncertain at the present I hear the word “hope” used in many ways. Some “hope” for things that are little more than wishful thinking such as “I hope I win the lottery” or “I… Read More »

Resilience and our Capacity to Change

Change is something that is at the same time something often feared and yet vital to the future direction of our lives.  Let’s face it, if we don’t like the direction our lives have gone, then something has to change! In this respect, I believe the Bible is one of the most hopeful sources of… Read More »

Why Me?

Whenever we encounter a crisis, the first question asked is often the simple two word question, “Why me?” This question implies that the suffering or trial we are going through is somehow out of place and unjustified.  Other people may go through suffering, but haven’t I been good enough, smart enough or deserving of avoiding… Read More »

Resilience and the Resurrection

One of the greatest stories of resilience in the Bible relates to the response of Jesus’ disciples after the resurrection. In the days between the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, we see His followers completely demoralized and discouraged. And who can blame them. They had seen the man they had followed for over three years,… Read More »